The Blair Hippo Project (blairhippo) wrote,
The Blair Hippo Project

Joey Z's Meatballs

Has it really been a year since I bothered updating my LJ? Holy crap. Guess I'm not much of a blogger.

However, if you're still reading this, I have one request:

Give a buck to my very dear friends Joe and Sabrina Zitzelberger.

That link will take you to the Kickstarter page where Joe and Sabrina are trying to procure funding for a restaurant they'd like to open here in Pittsburgh. It'll be devoted to meatball sandwiches -- and not just marinara & cheese. Think chicken meatballs covered in alfredo sauce and bacon. Think buffalo chicken meatball subs. Think spicy southwest barbecue meatball subs. Think General Tso's meatball sub.

Joe is to the meatball sub what Willie Wonka is to exploitive labor practices.

And when I ask you to give a dollar, really. I'd love it if you could give 'em more, but even a single humble dollar increases the visibility of their project on the Kickstarter site. And if they don't make their goal of $10,000, your credit card won't even be charged.

It would mean a lot to me.

Do it.

For the meatballs.
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