The Blair Hippo Project (blairhippo) wrote,
The Blair Hippo Project

Squonk's Back!

I've just been notified that PodCastle shall be purchasing the long-delayed third story of the Squonk series, "Squonk and the Horde of Apprentices."

Originally, it looked like Squonk was going to stay on Escape Pod, but after much inter-editor discussion, it was decided to let the big green fella migrate over to PC. Either is a big ol' win, as they're both damn fine podcasts. (And I understand this will be the second PodCastle original story ever!)

It's my first sale in a long time; I'm very happy. And I also need to put the finishing touches on "Squonk and the Lake Monster." And decide what the fifth story is gonna be.

Good times. Good times.
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