The Blair Hippo Project (blairhippo) wrote,
The Blair Hippo Project

I Made A Reviewer Squee; I'm Pretty Sure That's A Good Thing

C.S.E. Cooney has reviewed Black Gate #14, and like the other two reviews, she seems pretty damn pleased with both it in general and my contribution in particular. Egotastic excerpt:
If [a novella is] good, I take such SATISFACTION from it, and "Two Blades" was good. Full immersion in place, a tangle of time and character that Pete Butler combs into a neat barbed wire braid, and the bard gets his comeuppance...
She also praised Shweta Narayan's story in an unrelated publication, which prompted a little conversation in the comments (and the aforementioned squeeing) when I mentioned I've had the privilege of publishing Shweta myself in Triangulation: Taking Flight. So, a good review AND an opportunity to talk about Triangulation in a context outside of "I published this! Go buy it!". A pretty good deal, I believe.
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