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Look! Something that isn't a movie review!

Let's talk about the health care reform bill that the US congress is on the verge of not passing.

It's not perfect.

It has some provisions that are, taken in isolation, kinda fuckin' scary -- like the whole mandating-you-buy-insurance thing. These provisions are generally balanced by other provisions that make them less scary -- like offering financial aid to people for whom the insurance would be a bit ol' bite, and prohibiting insurers from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions -- but there's always the lingering fear those counter-provisions will turn out to have loopholes. There are legitimate reasons to be wary here. I get that.

But something needs to happen, and a whole bunch of people I'm inclined to believe are adamant that it's better than nothing -- better by a pretty huge margin, actually. Too many American citizens can't get good medical care. Too many American citizens have to forsake preventative care and hope like hell the whatever-it-is goes away on its own, and have to worry about dire health and financial consequences if it doesn't. We're the richest nation in human history, dammit; we have no excuse for getting this so badly wrong.

But if that doesn't convince you ... here's Fred Clark (aka "The Slacktivist") explaining why, if you're an American and health care reform dies, you might never see your take-home pay raise again.

And if it does concern you, here's Balloon Juice's Tim F. explaining the most effective way to let your congressional representative know that this bloody well matters to you.

The health care status quo in this country is an obscenity. This needs to happen.
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